Rolling in the Deep (Dirty Loops adaptation) - (SSATB L5)



Dirty Loops is a phenomenally talented Swedish trio known best for their YouTube music videos in which they wildly arrange (maybe best called "DErangements"!) pop tunes, and they did this very thing with Adele's "Rolling in the Deep".  My adaptation is meant to make this work for vocal jazz ensemble.  It's important to note that the solo is very intense and requires an exceptionally talented high tenor or female vocalist to pull off effectively, and the rhythm section parts are playable by advanced players who have time to spend learning their parts...they're NOT easy!  Fair warning...but the ensemble vocal parts aren't terribly difficult, and the chart is singable by advanced high school and college groups.  This one's a LOT of fun, to say the least!
Transcribed (notated) piano, simplified (notated) piano, transcribed (notated) bass, simplified (notated) bass, drums

Commissioned by "The Onions" from Seattle Academy, Mark Hoover, dir. (2012)
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