Reckoner (SSATBaB - L3.5)



David von Kampen's arrangement of the dark, moody Radiohead song from their album "In Rainbows" is a deliberate slow burn, leading to a climax late in the chart. Inspired by Robert Glasper's instrumental recording, and somewhat sparsely arranged, the voice parts wind around one another with long lines that come and go, occasionally revealing a subtly driving rhythm section underneath. No solo featured in this chart, so the ensemble takes the fore throughout, although a small sub-group is responsible for a late-emerging syncopated ostinato. The lyrics tell a shrouded story of a dreamer being awoken to face their reality. The Soprano 2 and Baritone splits are very minimal, and the voice-leading is careful, so any difficulty in this chart comes mostly from the breath support needed for the lone lines, and staggered breathing is recommended in several places, so having more than one person per part will be helpful to achieve this.
Fully notated piano part (with vocals for reference), fully-notated bass part, drums

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