Justin Binek

Missa Lucis (SATB - Vocals L3, Rthm L4)




KerryMarsh.com proudly features this six-movement vocal jazz mass composed by Justin Binek. As you'll hear, this is a powerful, fresh harmonic and rhythmic approach to the traditional "Kyrie", "Gloria", "Credo", "Sanctus", "Agnus Dei" and "Nunc Dimittis".

Performable by both traditional and jazz choirs, and with piano accompaniment only or full rhythm section, Missa Lucis features a male OR female vocal soloist throughout in the traditional evangelist role. The recording featured here is an edited compilation of all of the choral excerpts in the full work, the duration of which is approximately 40-45 minutes, depending on the use of the available improv solo space. Horn parts are included and are optional, as the instrumental solos may be performed by piano, guitar or a vocalist. The piano part is largely notated, although some sections are written using slashes and chord changes as in the jazz idiom, so pianists performing the piece will need a solid jazz background. Bass, guitar and drum set parts are also included in the package.

Listen below to all choral excerpts from Missa Lucis

Listen below to the full work, with all solos included 

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