Lua Soberana (SAB - L2)



STARTER SERIES - A Brazilian street dance tune composed by Ivan Lins, arranged in the style of Sergio Mendes' recording.  A phonetic guide for the Portuguese lyric is written along with the lyrics to help the singers with the pronunciation.  Features a latin percussion section (notated), works very well with synthesizer and guitar (although performance with piano, bass and drums works just fine), and gives your group a chance to sing with a strong and bright sound, ringing some bright and exciting chords.  A great chord progression is the highlight of this tune, and an optional soprano saxophone solo can add a nice texture.  Two versions of the Rhythm Track...with and without the sax solo.
notated bass (with chords), mixed notated and chord chart piano/keyboard, percussion guide part (for drumset, shaker, agogo bells and congas)

Written for the Monterey Jazz Festival Summer Camp Vocal Jazz Ensemble (2012)

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