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      Iso Packs (For Individual Singers)

      This collection consists of charts with all-new ISO PACKS available, and different from the rest of the products on this site that are intended for vocal groups, these are intended for individual use, and are good for everyone...former group members, would-be vocal jazzers, students and more! 

      This new product was launched in late March of 2020 during the early stages of the COVID-19/Coronavirus pandemic, as many of my friends, former students and others from all over were contacting me interested in spending some of their “isolation time” having fun working on the kind of vocal jazz ensemble music that they’ve loved for years. While nothing can replace the experience of singing great harmonies with other vocal musicians all in the same room, the idea was that these packs could provide an affordable source of musical fulfillment, and I hope that you will find that to be the case with this pack!

      Enclosed within your ISO PACK zip file, you will find some or all of the following types of files, depending on what was practically available to me for this particular arrangement:

      1. A pdf file of the vocal sheet music for the arrangement
      2. The full demo recording, sung by Julia Dollison and myself, and with the rhythm section parts programmed by me, except for (usually) drums played by Matthew Chalmers
      3. The Vocal Part Track for the particular voice-part you selected, to help you learn your part by ear
      4. The Minus-One Track including the solo parts in the mix, so you can sing your part as if you were an ensemble member in a real-life performance situation. When there are unisons between sections, your part may be doubled temporarily, but here, you’ll be responsible for filling in the missing part of the harmony…you know, the most fun part!
      5. The Minus-One Track without the solo parts, allowing you to focus on the sound of the group harmony parts. In some cases, you may find that this track also has the rhythm section parts mixed down a bit, for even more ensemble focus. Please note that this track-type is sometimes not available, or isn’t applicable to the songs with no solos written into them.
      6. The No-Solo Track (again, when applicable), to give you the opportunity to sing the solo parts yourself along with the full ensemble backing you up.

      Julia and I very much hope that you have a great time with these tracks, and we’d like to encourage you to record yourself singing along with one of your Minus-One Tracks and post it to your favorite social media platform. The first time you do so, if you tag me on Facebook, or @kerrymarsh on Twitter and Instragram, and I’ll offer you a free additional Iso Pack of your choice!